Lenovo M80 Thinkplus Ασύρματο Ποντίκι Μαύρο

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Με οπτικό αισθητήρα και σάρωση έως 1600dpi για υψηλή ακρίβεια και γρήγορη λειτουργία.

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  Thinkplus M80 Wireless

Working mode: photoelectric
Mouse power supply: 1 section 5
Number of keys: 3
Roller direction: two-way roller
Resolution: 1600 dpi (MAX)
1600DPI high resolution, pointer positioning is very obedient
Equipped with a high-quality optical engine, it moves accurately and can adapt to various materials such as office desks, leather, nylon, and cloth, so you don’t have to worry about working from home.
Using 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology, the connection distance is up to 10m, and the transmission is stable to solve the problem of frame drops and lags. It is connected to an external USB interface and is compatible with most devices while saying goodbye to wired constraints, making it convenient and more practical.
Carefully research a variety of hand shapes to create a tailor-made ergonomic design that can be used by both left and right hands to fit your hand curves, giving you a comfortable and comfortable grip experience.
Long battery life, long standby time, no need to repeatedly replace the battery
Frosted surface texture, beautiful and practical
Little red dot roller, eye-catching classic color
Built-in USB receiver, portable and not easy to lose
Key life of 3 million times, durable

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